I started this blog after hearing someone say, in reference to Sam Hunt, “Well, he’s on the radio, and we’re not, so he must be doing something right.” This is the prevailing thought; if it’s on the radio, it must be good. As a country listener who is disgusted by most of the songs being played on country radio, I am here to give honest opinions on all country music–and trust me, there’s a lot more to country music than country radio would have us believe. I don’t think everyone is good, and I certainly don’t think radio airplay is equal with quality. I have a degree in music business, so musically I do know what I am talking about–but more than that, I am just the average listener, not some critic who hates Florida Georgia Line because they aren’t what country “should” sound like. To be clear, I hate Florida Georgia Line because they suck. And I am here to give artists that don’t suck a chance to have their music heard and appreciated.

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  1. Hey Megan. Saw your review on Statesboro. I am the band’s publicist and when I saw your comment about how Florida Georgia Line sucks, I knew we had to be friends. I have been working with Texas/Oklahoma musicians for 15 years and I would love to have an open line of communication with you. Have some other great artists I want to send your way. Interested? If so, please email me at brandy@rpr-media.com. Hope to hear from you!

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