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Updated: Stoney LaRue Arrested and Charged with Domestic Violence

Red dirt artist Stoney LaRue was arrested early Monday morning (July 20th) and charged with domestic abuse for allegedly pushing his girlfriend down a staircase. According to the Oklahoma City police department, they were dispatched to the apartment at approximately 7:30 A.M. The victim, Amanda Winsworth, told police that Stoney LaRue (Phillips) and Richa Chandra had been out drinking and came home around 4 A.M. The victim went out to her car to sleep because she had to leave for work in a few hours. At 6:50 A.M., she came inside and began getting ready. Her hair dryer woke Phillips, which started an argument. Phillips then threw her makeup bag, curling iron, and other toiletries down the stairs. When she bent to retrieve the items, she claims he pushed her from behind, causing her to fall headfirst down the staircase. He was arrested on charges of domestic vilence, and Chandra was arrested on charges of public drunk after attempting to interfere with his arrest. Police noted scratches and scrapes on the victim’s legs and back.

Early this morning, (July 21st), Amanda Winsworth posted this on Twitter: “The happenings of this incident have been blown out of proportion by the media. I was never struck by my boyfriend. Please respect our privacy while we fix this matter.” This story will be updated when we have more information.


Stoney LaRue has released the following statement concerning the charges:

I want to apologize to my family, my friends and my fans for the recent circumstances that have come to light. I am going to take some time to work on myself. I will be entering an intensive and extensive program, and I appreciate your thoughts and good wishes for me during this trying time. Please check my website and Facebook page for updates on my upcoming tour dates, but most importantly, I appreciate your support during this time.