Single Review: Chris Young’s “Losing Sleep”

Rating: 3/10

All I can say is, what an ironic title.

Maybe it’s something to do with the last name Young–because this reminds me of the entirety of Brett Young’s latest effort in that it’s forgettable, boring, and yes, could put me to sleep. Let’s even forget about the beats, the trend-chasing, and the fact that Chris Young’s deep, traditional country voice is being used to produce something as non-country as this–because those problems pale in comparison to the fact that I’ve listened to this song three times and can’t remember a single line beyond “we’re winning when we’re losing sleep,” and I can only recall that because it has to be the laziest hook in mainstream country songwriting ever. Not the worst, but definitely the laziest. The actual song is an attempt at seduction, which, I might add, Chris Young has the voice for. That is what takes the song down from a mediocre, inoffensive 5-ish to a 3; it’s the lazy lyrics, Chris Young’s obvious boredom, and the general lack of charisma and care by an artist who can pull this off that bring this song down. IN short, the problem is that Chris Young is better than this in general, and better than this at these types of songs–see “Tomorrow,” and even if you found it slightly douche-leaning, see “Lonely Eyes.” At least he sounded engaged during that song, even if it boils down to being another song about picking up a girl in a bar. The one thing I can say for this song is that it’s inoffensive. IN fact, it really doesn’t evoke any feeling at all.

I could have included Chris Young in my recent piece about artists I wished would get back to themselves, but I honestly forgot about Chris Young because after some strong singles, instead of turning into a trend-chaser who began releasing atrocious music, he took the safe route with his last album and released one of the most disappointing, bland records I’ve ever listened to. That’s arguably worse than being atrocious; at least horrible music is remembered. I had hoped that Chris Young would return to more meaningful songs and realize more of his potential, but if this new single is any indication, his next album will be just as forgettable–and even less country.

Written by: Chris Young, Chris DeStefano, Josh Hoge

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