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Song Review: Jason Eady’s “Waiting to Shine”

Rating: 9/10

Texas/traditional country artist Jason Eady has released a third song from his upcoming self-titled album, due out April 21st. “Why I Left Atlanta” was good and “Barabbas” was excellent, so I was really eager to see another one ahead of the record.
“Waiting to shine” is a more upbeat track than the previous two, and the instrumentation is fun and catchy. It’s brighter than most of what we got on the outstanding Daylight and Dark, and that’s refreshing to hear from Eady. However, the lyrics are really thought-provoking and still display the great songwriting present in much of his prior work. This song is about words: “words are like diamonds, the best ones are the hardest to find.” In reference to words in songs, Jason states that “finders are keepers, and I’ll take all the keepers I can find.” It’s a really interesting and true assessment of the power of words and music. But the right words in speech can also be powerful too, as the second verse illustrates. Sometimes words can make all the difference, and Eady notes that the best ones are out there somewhere just “waiting to shine.” This is another great track from Jason Eady, and this album is looking very promising so far.